Python Podcast Picks: My Favourites

Python Podcast Picks: My Favourites


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I took this photo shortly after dawn somewhere in Norfolk, England. I was a bit over 24 hours into a 680km gravel race and listening to Brian Okken interviewing Mariatta Wijaya on Brian's podcast Python People.

I am into self-supported, multi-day (gravel) cycle rides with 20 hours a day in the saddle and very little sleep.

Physiologically, I spend most of the time in heart rate zone 2 (around 65%-75% of my max heart rate).

That's where my body can sustain the effort, and my brain is still functional to deal with navigational and mechanical problem-solving, self-talk - and Python podcasts!

Mostly uninterrupted time without access to a screen equates to perfect podcast time.

Here are my three Python podcast picks.

Podcast: Python Test

Python Test (formerly known as Test and Code) is hosted by Brian Okken, author of Python Testing with pytest. It is mostly what it says on the tin and more.

Because tests are just an indicator of how maintainable code is, Brian's podcast touches upon a lot of other software engineering practices, such as automation, packaging, CI/CD, etc.

New episodes are released at varying intervals, ranging from weekly to monthly. There are currently more than 200 episodes available.

Podcast: Talk Python To Me

Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy, Python Software Foundation Fellow and founder of Talk Python Training.

Talk Python to Me episodes cover a wide range of Python and related topics.

As an HTMX fan, my favourite episode is Episode 321: HTMX - Clean, Dynamic HTML Pages with Carson Gross, creator of HTMX.

Podcast: Python People

Launched in July 2023, this is Brian Okken's latest podcast venture. Yes, Brian Okken, the same guy who hosts the Python Test podcast. I don't know how he does it.

I like Python People because it is about the Python community and the human beings that are the fabric of this community.

New episodes are released at varying intervals. As I am writing this, I am eagerly awaiting the October 2023 episode.

Fun fact: Podcasts consume a lot less battery power on my wireless Shokz headphones compared to music!

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